About Our Principal

Themshang Sasa Shaiza has been teaching Science in secondary and higher secondary schools for the last 13 years.

In the earlier part of his career, he worked as Senior Research Fellow in research environment in the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Although he has great taste for research and other creative works, he joined the teaching profession in obedience to the call of God. He has a passion for building up the lives of children. Themshang, his wife Wonthingla Khayi and their three children live in Mapao Zingtun. 

Words from our principal:

As we know, the individuality, talents, skill and abilities of each student need to be identified, modified, re-enforced, nurtured and encouraged, so that the student develops to their desired full potential.

Here at NHA, our students are constantly groomed to pass out as men and women competent to bear responsibility for adulthood. Without God’s Spirit and wisdom, this is never an easy job. Therefore, the staff realizes that much prayer and diligent effort is called for. While pursuing academic excellence, we motivate students to be morally upright and productive members of society as a result of a spiritual transformation. For that, the teachers need to be role models for students. At the receptive age of children, we strive to infuse the truth and grace of life as much as possible by conducting spiritual retreats in our school.

Today, there are many ‘successful’ people academically but as human beings they are failures, without any moral foundation. Later they grow very individualistic without rapport with co-workers and sans team spirit. We realised that students need to be provided with a place to develop social skills, think, express freely and exhibit skills civilly. It is necessary to exhibit role models to negotiate several issues that confront them, with the teachers being facilitators. What a challenging and humbling task for us as teachers!

We would like to reiterate that our educational philosophy is centred on God’s word, emphasizing on giving the truth, encouragement, affection and enthusiasm in building up lives. We believe in benevolence and sacrifice rather than criticism, legalism and fear. At NHA, we discipline children with love to conform to the Biblical standard but never to break them. I would like to thank all the supporters of this cause for having bestowed your faith and confidence in us in the upbringing of godly and responsible future citizens of the world.

Principal NHA